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Roberto Guarino, as known as Guaro, passionate about music and in love with it, first as a musician, then as a composer, arranger, producer, and then as all of the above. Winner of 2 Tenco Awards in 2004 for “Best song “ and “Album of the year”, 2 Golden discs, 1 Platinum record, Amnesty International Award in 2006, nomination for the Nastro D’argento in 2001 for Best Original Song with “Chiedimi se sono felice” and various other awards. Soundtrack for the movie “Chiedimi se sono felice” by Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, blockbuster in 2001. In love with Jazz, a genre that grew me up, and to which, after a long depart, I came back to, just like a son goes back to his mother: now it is my store of oxygen in a Martian atmosphere. 

In love with beautiful things, collector and compulsive guitar player and Pro Tools user. Husband, father, and gourmet, and I hope an estimated professional. I hope you are glad to be landed on my website. I take pride on the collaborations I was involved with and that enriched myself as human and as a professional.

As of today I collaborated with names such as:

Lucio Dalla, Stadio, Luca Carboni, Fabio Concato, Mogol, Sergio Cammariere, Mariella Nava, Andrea Morricone, Mango, Gigi Finizio, Samuele Bersani, Renato Zero, Gatto Panceri, Michele Zarrillo.

But the journey goes on…


from 1993 to now

My recording studio

Recording, pre and post production, mix, Mastering and DDP


– Computer APPLE modello iMac i5 quad core 2,8 Ghz, 8 Gb di ram, hard disk SSD e sistema operativo 10.15.3.

– Software Pro Tools Ultimate 2019-12 HDX, converters Digidesign 192  with 16 outputs and APOGEE Rosetta with 2 outputs

– Totalizer mixer with 16 channels SOLID STATE LOGIC X-DESK paired with a SOLID STATE LOGIC X-RACK module that is paired with SSL XR 626 module G bus compressor module belonged to the legendary SSL serie 4.000.

– The voice is being recorded through a NEUMANN U 87 microphone and a SSL XR 627 preamp of the 9000 Solid State Logic series

ADAM A5X audio monitors and 1 ADAM 12" sub woofer.

– A lot of effects are equipped on Pro Tools for the mixing (MILLENNIA, LEXICON LX 480 just to name a few) but also for the Mastering (for example the whole series of the very famous WEISS)

WAVELAB PRO 9.5 is used to create the DDP.

roberto guarino produttore arrangiatore chitarrista foto 001

The journey so far

Guaro News

Let me tell you…
1 year ago
Photos from Roberto Guarino's post

Tra circa un’oretta a Milano al mitico “Memo Restaurant”.
Con Antonia Greco e Sasetta Guarino.

1 year ago
Roberto GUARINO - Io che amo solo te (S.ENDRIGO) - live at MEMO 12 09 19

Il 7 settembre 2005 moriva il cantautore Sergio Endrigo.
Questa è la mia versione di un suo capolavoro eseguito live al “Memo Restaurant” di Milano.

Roberto Guarino suona e riarrangia il brano "IO CHE AMO SOLO TE" (Sergio ENDRIGO). Tratto da concerto al MEMO di Milano 12-09-19

1 year ago

Domani 6 settembre in concerto con Michele Zarrillo

1 year ago
Photos from Roberto Guarino's post

Domani 3 settembre presso VRClub di gioiosa marea (ME).
ps: suonerò nel posto più bello del mondo.

1 year ago


⭕️17-09 presso - “Memo Restaurant” - via Monte Ortigara 30 - Milano
info e/o prenotazioni 0254019856

⭕️18-09 presso - “Hostaria del ... See more

1 year ago
Binario 3

Oggi mi va di pubblicare “binario 3” di cui ho curato la produzione artistica, la realizzazione, l’arrangiamento ed il mix.
Con Samuele Bersani e Fabio Concato.

Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Binario 3 · Samuele Bersani Caramella Smog ℗ 2003 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (Italy) S.p.A. Producer: Rober...

1 year ago
MARK SHERMAN - Alexanderplatz ROMA (12/10/16)

Un bel ricordo di qualche anno fa....

Mark Sherman - vibraphone Pat Senatore - bass Roberto Gatto - drums Roberto Guarino - guitar

1 year ago

Oggi a Santo Stefano in Aspromonte (RC) Con Michele Zarrillo in DUO.

1 year ago
EEA - Telefonando (Quello che già sai)

EEA è una mia recente edizione/produzione.
Oggi è uscito su YouTube il video ufficiale del primo singolo “telefonando”.
Con EEA e Leopoldo Lombardi.

EEA TELEFONANDO HIBRIDA PA - Accessories Stylin...

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"Vivere e Rinascere Tour" of Michele Zarrillo

Michele Zarrillo's tour ended yesterday in Milan. Proud to have been part of it.

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